Accused of spying for the CIA executed in Iran

The Iranian authorities executed a man accused of spying for the CIA and transmitting data on the movements of General Qasem Suleimani, Tasnim News Agency reports.

Mahmoud Mousavi Majd, who was also accused of working for the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, was executed on Monday morning.

The case against the convict was initiated before Suleimani’s death and is not related to the US operation against an Iranian high-ranking military officer.

The United States conducted an operation in Baghdad on January 3 to eliminate Suleimani. In response, Iran launched missile strikes on an Iraqi base where US military personnel are stationed. Initially, US President Donald Trump and the Pentagon leadership said that there were no casualties in the attack. Then the military was forced to admit that there were victims. At the same time, their number was steadily increasing.