“Academik Chersky” sailed from the German port

Gazprom’s pipe-laying company Akademik Chersky left the German port of Mukran after three weeks of downtime. This is evidenced by data from websites for tracking sea vessels Traffic and Myshiptracking websites.
It is noted that two hours after leaving the port, Chersky anchored near the port. At the same time, it is in Mukran that the “Nord stream-2” logistics base is located, where pipes for the construction of the gas pipeline are stored.

The Akademik Chersky arrived at the port of Mukran on May 8. The ship took on Board welded pipes for further laying on the seafloor. Also, the pipe-laying barge “Fortuna” was noticed in the construction zone.
Note that the Chersky is the only Gazprom vessel that can complete the “Nord stream-2.” Previously, foreign contractors were forced to withdraw their pipelayers due to the threat of US sanctions.

Recently, the US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell said in an interview with German Handelsblatt that Washington is considering the introduction of new sanctions against the Russian gas pipeline

Author: Steve Cowan
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