About 400 people were evacuated from the Norwegian ship Viking Sky

Almost 400 people have already been evacuated from the Norwegian ferry Viking Sky, in which refused one of the engines at sea in the province of Mer-og-Romsdal. This was reported on Sunday by the newspaper Verdens Gang.

To date, 371 of about 1.4 thousand people on the ferry have been evacuated. Evacuation is carried out by three helicopters. According to rescuers, the wind in the area of the incident became weaker, the situation on Board also became calmer than the night before.

The evacuation continues, despite the fact that three of the four engines of the ferry were launched at night and it began to move independently to the city of Molde. Help him soon plan to provide towing vessels.

The main part of the passengers of the liner-the British and Americans. The crew consists of representatives of different countries. Three of the evacuated passengers were seriously injured, all injured and receives medical care 17 people. It is not reported that it was the cause of injuries.

On Saturday, the ferry Viking Sky, EN route from Tromsø to Stavanger, during a storm broke down one of the engines.

Author: Flyn Braun
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