Abe discussed with Trump on the phone the situation around the DPRK

The Japanese Prime Minister criticized the policy of Pyongyang and some provocative actions on its part, including missile launches.

TOKYO – Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Saturday held a telephone conversation with us President Donald Trump, during which the parties discussed the situation on the Korean Peninsula. The head of the Japanese government told reporters after the conversation.

“We analyzed the current situation around North Korea and discussed our future actions,” he said. Abe also criticized Pyongyang’s current policy and a number of provocative actions on its part, including missile launches. “It is necessary to work on denuclearization through peaceful dialogue,” the Prime Minister added.

However, he did not give any information on whether the parties discussed the visit of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to Tokyo on Friday and Saturday.

US President Donald Trump and North Korean state Council Chairman Kim Jong-Un at a meeting on June 30 in Panmunjom agreed to resume working-level talks on denuclearization, which were suspended after the inconclusive conclusion of the summit of the two leaders in Hanoi in February this year. By this agreement, on October 5, representatives of the United States and North Korea met in Stockholm to discuss the prospects for normalization of bilateral relations, but it was not possible to establish a dialogue. The head of the North Korean delegation, Kim Myung-Gil, said the consultations had failed and advised the US side to consider better its position, while the US State Department disagreed with such an assessment and called the meeting constructive.

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