Abbas: Palestinians will sever all relations with the US and Israel

The head of the PA does not agree with the peace plan of Trump.

The head of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, said that his administration will sever all relations, including security cooperation, with Israel and the United States because of disagreement with the plan for a peaceful settlement of the Middle East conflict proposed this week by US President Donald Trump.

Speaking in Cairo at a meeting of Arab League foreign Ministers, Abbas said he would never accept the terms proposed by Trump. According to Abbas, he will not negotiate with Israel based on this plan. The Palestinian leader said he would not communicate with Trump either.

Both the leadership of the Palestinian Authority and the radical Hamas movement that controls the Gaza strip have previously rejected the peace plan. Saudi Arabia and Egypt praised the US President’s efforts to find a way out of the conflict and called on both sides of the conflict to study the US proposals, but did not directly support them. Iran and Syria, in particular, unequivocally rejected Trump’s plan.

The plan, which Trump called the “deal of the century,” calls for the creation of an independent Palestinian state, but only in parts of the West Bank and Gaza. According to the plan, the Jordan valley should go to Israel; in addition, Jerusalem should become the unified and indivisible capital of Israel (although East Jerusalem is also mentioned as the capital of the Palestinian state).

The plan also provides for the allocation of up to $ 50 billion to Palestine. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu supported the plan. The Palestinians, however, consider many of its provisions unacceptable. Abbas said at a meeting in Cairo that he “will not sell Jerusalem.” Protests were held in the West Bank on Friday.

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