A young Italian man told how he almost died from a coronavirus

A young lawyer from Rome, faced with a severe form of coronavirus, told Die Welt about the unusual course of the disease.

As noted by 33-year-old Andrea Napoli, he has never had any special health problems, including respiratory diseases. A man regularly involved in sports, according to the statistics, was not included in the number of patients at risk.

At first, the Italian had a cough and fever, and three days later doctors diagnosed him with a coronavirus. Napoli was sent to a home quarantine, but the next day his condition deteriorated sharply and the man was put in the intensive care unit. The examination showed inflammation of the lungs.

“I am 33 years old, in excellent health, and in less than a day and a half I was in intensive care,” says Napoli.

According to the patient, he spent nine days in an oxygen mask. During this time, three patients died on his floor.

“I saw a lot, a lot of pain. It was very hard, ” the man recalls.

According to him, screams and coughing were heard all the time in the Department.
A week later, Napoli was transferred to a regular ward and then placed in a local hotel where recovering patients are located. At the same time, it is still difficult for him to breathe, and the oxygen level in his blood is very low.

“I get tired very quickly. I just go from the toilet to the bed, and my breath is at the limit. My muscles ache: I’ve been lying in bed for nine days without moving. It wasn’t easy,” Die Welt quoted him as saying

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