A woman was unaware of her pregnancy and unexpectedly died

British Leanne Troughton from Ashington died after she had a miscarriage in her fifth month of pregnancy, which she did not know about, Mirror reports.

The woman believed that the pain in her abdomen was associated with lactose intolerance. However, her condition quickly deteriorated, and on December 20, her husband took her to the hospital.

A day later, he received a call and was told that his wife was five months pregnant and had a miscarriage. She was transferred to the intensive care unit with sepsis. The body’s response causes it to attack its own organs and tissues in response to infection. The woman became even worse after sepsis began to affect one of the heart valves.

Leanne was transferred to a Newcastle hospital, where she underwent open-heart surgery and tracheotomy to save her life. But a week later, the doctors told the patient’s husband that they were no longer able to do anything. On January 22, the woman was disconnected from the life support apparatus.

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