A woman returned to a nursing home after dying from coronavirus

According to Euro Weekly, a resident of Spain returned to a nursing home ten days after her own funeral.

Two women, Rogelia Blanco and Concepcion Arias were brought to a hospital in Ourense on the same day from a nursing home after being diagnosed with a coronavirus.

One of them died on 13 January. Blanco’s relatives were informed of the woman’s death – her funeral was organized the next day. The restrictions introduced due to the coronavirus’s spread did not fully allow the family to say goodbye to the deceased.

Ten days later, the “deceased” Blanco returned to the nursing home, which surprised her husband, who is also in the institution. As it turned out, another woman died in the hospital – Blanco shared a ward with Arias, who died. Their names were confused at the hospital.

The nursing home promised to take measures to prevent a recurrence of this situation.

Author: Sam Smith
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