A woman became a dollar millionaire because of a cashier’s mistake

A resident of the American city of Bono won a million dollars because of a mistake by a cashier in a supermarket.

According to a note published on the official Arkansas Scholarship Lottery website, along with the products, the woman bought several lottery tickets at the store. The cost of each of them did not exceed ten dollars, but the cashier accidentally sold her a ticket worth $ 20, which eventually turned out to be the winning one.

The American woman decided to test it right in her own car.

“When she erased the protective layer and saw the unit number 12 (her winning number), she thought she might have won a hundred dollars. However, then, noticing the letter “M,” she rubbed her eyes several times and began to cry,” the lottery website says.

Part of the money won by the woman and her husband plan to spend on repayment of loans for a house and cars, but the family is going to save the main amount for retirement.


Author: Steve Cowan
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