A witness in the case of impeachment of Trump agreed to the affidavit

The Republican Party considered this method of interrogation ineffective.

Mark Zaid, the lawyer of an anonymous informant who told the details of a telephone conversation between President Donald Trump and the head of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, said that his client is ready in writing to answer questions from congressmen from the Republican party. Thus, it will be possible to keep secret the identity of the person whose testimony was the reason for the beginning of the impeachment proceedings.

Jim Jordan, head of the House Committee on oversight and government reform, who considered giving written indicators an inefficient method, opposed the proposal. In particular, it, according to him, will not allow subjecting the informant to cross-examination.

As Jordan suggested, Republicans have suspicions that the informant may be connected to the Democratic Party, and his lawyer is trying to hide it.
Zaid pointed out that his client, while testifying, did not do it in the interests of any party, and impeachment is not an end in itself.
On the disclosure of the identity of the informant insisted and President Trump.

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