A Wisconsin resident won $22 million in the lottery and gave half to a friend

For some, a promise made to a friend maybe more valuable than a multi-million dollar win. Such it turned out to be for Wisconsin resident Tom Cook, who agreed with his friend Joe Feeney that if one of them won the lottery, he would share half with the other. The agreement was sealed only with a handshake.

28 years later, Cook won $ 22 million in the Powerball lottery and immediately called his old friend, who at first could not believe that he had received part of the winnings.

The winners chose to receive a one-time cash payment, which is why the final amount was significantly less than the original win. After deducting taxes, each of the friends received about $ 5.7 million. The winners do not yet know where they will spend the money, but said they “can’t think of a better reason to retire.”

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