A US general has warned of the threat of the collapse of the Afghan armed forces after the US withdrawal

Kenneth McKenzie fears Afghan security forces won’t be able to hold ground.

The withdrawal of US and coalition forces from Afghanistan could lead to the final collapse of the Afghan security forces, the head of Central Command, General Kenneth McKenzie, has warned.

Speaking to the Senate Armed Services Committee, McKenzie said the presence of about 10,000 troops from the US and other coalition countries allowed the Afghan security forces to maintain a stalemate in the conflict with the Taliban. Still, things could change quickly when the Afghan forces are left alone.

“I am concerned about whether the Afghan armed forces can hold the positions they are in now without the support they have been used to for many years,” the general said.

“I am concerned about whether the Afghan armed forces will be able to hold on after we leave, in particular, whether their air force will be able to fly after we stop supporting these aircraft,” McKenzie added.

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