A Trump spokeswoman said the White House is operating normally

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany is not aware of any instructions not to communicate with the transition team of Joe Biden, who won the presidential election according to preliminary data.

“I have definitely not received such instructions, and I am not aware of any instructions of this kind,” the Press Secretary of the US President said at a briefing when asked whether Trump or his representatives instructed not to communicate with Biden’s representatives.

McEnany stressed that the White House continues to work, as usual, dealing with the country’s current problems. According to her, Trump’s upcoming meeting with Congress members from Michigan later on Friday will also be routine. “This is not a meeting to promote the interests; there will be no representatives of the (election) campaign,” he assured McEnany. Earlier, the media did not rule out that Trump will meet with Michigan representatives to influence electors’ votes from the state.

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