A tiny brain of living neurons first connected to artificial intelligence

Startup Cortical Labs created the first hybrid tiny brain of living neurons connected to an artificial intelligence system. This writes Fortune with reference to the representatives of the Australian company.

Artificial intelligence working on real neurons is one of the most promising models for the development of neural networks and machine learning. Cortical Labs hopes that the hybrid tiny brain they created in the future will be able to produce at least the same results as existing artificial intelligences while consuming much less energy for their work.

Cortical Labs uses two methods to create a hybrid brain. In the first, it receives neurons from mouse embryos, in the second, it turns human cells into stem cells and grows neurons from them. After that, they are placed in a nutrient medium on a chip of metal oxide, which contains 22 thousand electrodes.

Now the power of such a brain is approaching the dragonfly’s brain, but Cortical Labs plans to teach him how to play the Pong arcade game. This arcade game is also known for training DeepMind artificial intelligence, which later became the world champion in go, in many computer games and attracted attention to the field of AI development for a mass audience.

Author: Flyn Braun
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