A student created a guitar with pickups on the fretboard for playing with one hand

The startup of ITMO University student Noli Music has created a guitar that almost anyone can learn to play on their own. The tool is suitable for both beginners and people with disabilities.

Unlike push-button prototypes, the new guitar uses strings to bring the playing experience as close as possible. Development has several modes: standard, one-handed, and even one-finger. If on an ordinary guitar you need to make some effort so that the tightly stretched strings “sound”, then here it is enough just to touch the string in the right place. Special sensors on the fretboard read the position of your fingers and give an impulse to the electronics to reproduce the sound of a note from the samples loaded into it, like on a synthesizer.

I have long dreamed of picking up a guitar and performing my favorite rock hits. However, Duchenne muscular dystrophy did not allow me to advance in training. I did not retreat, continued training, tried to master the chords. During another futile attempt, I realized that I was not the only one like that. There are still millions of people who dream of feeling like a rock star, but do not have this opportunity due to their health or injury.

Denis Goncharov, founder of Noli Music, ITMO student

The authors of the invention took another principle from the synthesizer – the highlighting of the necessary notes. On a new guitar, you can turn on the mode when you can see on the fretboard which string you need to touch and where. A specially developed application will allow you to control the accuracy of the game. It will tell you whether you managed to get into the rhythm and whether those chords were jammed. “You turn on the interactive learning mode, and you have it highlighted which chord you need to play now. Just click where the lights are on and play, and the app on your phone gives you feedback. This will make it much easier for you to learn, ”said the technical director of the startup Maxim Matveytsov.

The authors of the guitar are confident that the application will make development even more attractive for a wide range of people. It will include a professional guitar course from a Singaporean music teacher with 18 years of experience. Despite the fact that the project is still being finalized, the startup already has pre-orders from Russia and America.

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