A steak was printed on 3D-printer

Researchers from the United States have 3D printed the steak. They will begin testing the dish in restaurants this year and then will scale the technology to several countries at once.

The researchers noted that the popularity of meat alternatives is growing every year – for example, plant-based beef and pork are already on the market. A startup called Redefine Meat wants to add plant-based steaks that are 3D printed to this list. This was reported in the text of Reuters.

The company was able to successfully reproduce the taste, smell, and texture of ground beef using herbal ingredients. Redefine Meat’s product is made up of all plant and vegan ingredients, including soy and pea proteins, coconut fat, and sunflower oil.

Redefine Meat employees noted that they will begin testing their “alt-steak” in restaurants in five countries. After the experiment is successful, they will ship their technology and 3D printers so the steaks can be made locally.

“We simulate the structure of meat and tissues using a 3D printer. This technology can be reproduced in any conditions, so we can scale, ”said Eshchar Ben-Shitrit, CEO of the company.

The company, founded in 2018, raised $6 million in investment last year.