A state of emergency has been declared in Utah over the protests

Protests in Salt Lake City began after the announcement of the acquittal of police officers who shot and killed Bernardo Palacios-Carbajal.

Utah Governor Gary Herbert declared a state of emergency in connection with the protests in Salt Lake City.

The protests began hours after the Salt Lake City district attorney announced the acquittal of the police officers who shot and killed Bernardo Palacios-Carbajal in May.

On Thursday evening, protesters gathered outside the district attorney’s office and caused damage to the building, police said.

Salt Lake City police said on Twitter»: “Because the protesters broke windows in the building of the district attorney’s office, the city police will declare the demonstration an illegal Assembly.”

According to the police, the protesters used pepper spray against the officers. At least one employee was injured and taken to a hospital. At least two demonstrators were arrested.

Palacios was shot and killed on May 23 when police arrived in response to a report that someone was “threatening with a weapon.” The police fired 34 shots, and Palacios received between 13 and 15 wounds.

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