A small office of resellers intercepted more than 3 thousand PlayStation 5 in Britain

The launch of the PlayStation 5 upset many gamers who, even with a strong desire and the availability of money, could not buy a new generation console. As the Business Insider journalist found out, the problem here is not only limited editions of the console.

Reporters contacted Crep Chief Notify, a 12-person group of UK resellers, who helped intercept more than 2,472 PlayStation 5 consoles, and about a thousand on pre-order.

Crep Chief Notify’s business is not built on the resale of the consoles themselves and other goods but on providing services to resellers. The organization’s programmers have written special bots and websites that allow you to monitor goods and buy them before anyone else. For example, Crep Chief Notify bots can bypass digital queues and instantly buy up the right things, be it sneakers or set-top boxes. Sometimes the influx of such bots cannot even be sustained by the websites of large companies.

“We knew where to go even before the announcement,” said Crep Chief Notify manager.

Access to these services is sold by subscription from 30 to 400 pounds sterling per month, which are subsequently discouraged by dealers on the sale of goods. One of the “entrepreneurs” was selling the PlayStation 5 thus obtained at double prices. For a PS5 with a drive, the reseller asked for $ 1,100, and a diskless PS5 gave away for $ 900.

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