A six-year-old boy finds coral in the garden, which is almost half a billion years old

The boy found in his garden a fossil dating back millions of years. For Christmas, he was given a fossil hunting kit, according to the BBC.

Six-year-old Siddak Singh Jamat discovered the fossil in his garden in Walsall, UK. His father, Vishu Singh, managed to identify her as horny coral. He was helped by friends in the Facebook fossil research community. The boy’s father estimated the age of the fossil.

The fossil marks suggest that the specimen found is most likely Rugosa coral. Its age is estimated from 251 to 488 million years.

“Their period of existence was from 500 to 251 million years ago, in the Paleozoic era, – explains Vish Singh – England at that time was part of Pangea, a land of continents. Besides, England was covered with water part of the time. ”

Let us recall that rugoses, or four-beam corals, or tetracoralls, are a subclass or a detachment of extinct marine creepers from the class of coral polyps. The group was widespread in the Paleozoic. As a rule, they lived in the shelf zone, had increased requirements for temperature and water transparency.

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