A signature check-in in Georgia found no irregularities in that state during the election

The check was held for the third time.

Verification of signatures in one of the central districts of the US state of Georgia – Cobb County-did did not reveal any fraud cases during the presidential election held there on November 3. She confirmed the victory in the state of former US Vice President Joseph Biden, who ran from the Democrats, The Hill newspaper reported on Tuesday, citing a statement by Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

According to Raffensperger’s statement, the audit – the third in this state – confirmed 99.99% accurate compliance with all signature verification procedures when counting ballots in Cobb County, where Biden won.

“The office of the Secretary of State has always paid the utmost attention to the statements [about possible violations during the vote, and in this case, an investigation was carried out into allegations of electoral fraud,” the newspaper quotes a fragment of Raffensperger’s press release. “We did a statewide manual recount [of ballots cast during the election], and it confirmed the original count. The current audit proves the error <…> allegations made by Trump’s staff regarding the signature reconciliation process in the state of Georgia.”

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