A sign of serious complications: pregnant Meghan Markle needed the help of doctors

The Duchess had to face new problems.

Meghan Markle, who is currently carrying her second child, should become a mother very soon. But although the Duchess and her husband Prince Harry assure that they are now, in anticipation of the addition to the family, are in euphoria, in fact, this pregnancy is not easy for Meghan. This insider from among the friends of Markle told the publication In Touch.

As the source said, unlike the first time, waiting for her daughter caused the duchess problems with well-being. To begin with, she developed insomnia, which did not allow Megan to fully recover her strength. She also suffers from debilitating nausea. Of course, the so-called “morning sickness” is characteristic of almost all pregnant women, especially in the first trimester. But Markle was plagued by this unpleasant symptom not only in the morning but also during the day. In addition, nausea, although it became less intense, did not completely disappear from her at a later date.

This was very worrying for Meghan because if such a symptom persists in the last trimester, it can be a sign of serious pregnancy complications. However, the doctors did not find any serious problems with Markle. So, apparently, this time carrying a child, most likely, was overshadowed for the duchess by the same thing that Kate Middleton suffered, only in a much milder form.

Kate had to deal with a complication called pathological nausea of pregnant women; all three times she carried her children. This condition is characterized by vomiting up to 10 or more times a day and leads to a sharp weight loss in expectant mothers. Severe forms, which lead to the fact that the body of pregnant women almost completely refuses to take food, are treated only in the hospital. Middleton didn’t get that far, she only spent a few days in the clinic. However, on those days when she was particularly ill, she had to resort to the help of doctors. During the time that Kate was expecting children, Londoners often saw an ambulance approaching Kensington Palace. The wife of Prince William tried everything to relieve her condition: she resorted to both hypnotherapy and alternative medicine. Alas, nothing helped. However, Kate eventually managed to successfully carry her pregnancies and give birth to three beautiful healthy children. So, as fans of Meghan Markle now hope, she will be able to cope with her problem. Curiously, the first pregnancy, when the Duchess was expecting her son Archie, was surprisingly easy for the Duchess. Meghan, who had not yet left the royal family with Harry at the time, did not even have to cancel the official events she was supposed to attend. Moreover, in the seventh month, she was even able to take part in an official visit to Morocco with Harry, for which she received a written thank you from Queen Elizabeth. Now, pregnant Megan is almost unable to leave her home, where she lives with her husband and son Archie, waiting for her daughter to be born.

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