A sailor from the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt died of complications caused by a coronavirus

This is the first coronavirus death in the Navy.

On Monday, a sailor who served on the US Navy aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt died of coronavirus. He was the first victim among the crew of the vessel where the COVID-19 outbreak was recorded.

Last month, the captain of the aircraft carrier, Brett Crozier, sent a letter to management calling for strong measures to stop the spread of the disease on the ship.

At the moment, about 585 sailors on the aircraft carrier have been diagnosed with the coronavirus. After an increase in the number of cases of infection, about 4,000 sailors were transferred to facilities on the island of Guam, off the coast of which the ship is moored.

Crozier’s letter, leaked to the media, triggered a series of events that led to the firing of the captain and the resignation of Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modly, who was criticized for his reaction to Crozier’s actions.

The Navy is expected to release the results of its investigation into the events surrounding the letter this week. Officials do not rule out the possibility that crozier will be reinstated as captain.

According to a statement from the Navy, a sailor who was transferred to the intensive care unit in Guam last week died of complications due to a coronavirus.

This is the first case of death from coronavirus in the Navy, as well as the first case of death of a serviceman serving in active military service. In total, the coronavirus was diagnosed in almost 900 Navy personnel.

According to an anonymous source, four more sailors from the aircraft carrier were taken to the hospital and are under observation. They are in stable condition, officials say.

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