A robot for disassembling carbon-graphite reactors passed the first tests

Carbon-graphite reactors, which are now being decommissioned, can be dismantled using a mobile robot created by the Special Design and Technological Bureau of Applied Robotics (SKTB PR). No human presence is required during hazardous operations. This was reported by the press service of the company.

The complex, created in SKTB PR (resident of the SEZ Technopolis Moscow – Hightech), consists not only of a mobile robot, but also a remote control, as well as a special store with an electric tool for dismantling reactors and metal structures.

Such a robotic complex makes it possible to dismantle carbon-graphite reactors. Previously, they were widely used at nuclear power plants and industrial facilities that produce weapons.

“The development excludes the presence of people in an area with increased radiation. The operator remotely controls the robot through the remote control, and with the help of the video system, which is part of the complex, controls the work. The robot manipulator is capable of lifting and carrying up to 100 kg, which is sufficient to remove the graphite blocks. Since the end of last year, the development has been at the Experimental and Demonstration Center of Carbon-Graphite Reactors and is now being tested there.”

Gennady Dyogtev, Director of the SEZ Technopolis Moscow

SKTB PR also created a stand imitating the graphite stack and the main elements of the reactor metal structures. The first tests of the robot were carried out at the stand, which confirmed its capabilities. In the future, operators with the help of a robot will be able to practice the most complex dismantling operations and improve their practical skills.

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