A resident of the United States found a python in a washing machine

In Florida, a local resident discovered a python inside a washing machine, UPI reports.

Emily Visnic, who recently moved from Connecticut to an apartment in West Palm Beach, said she has her own laundry in her house, but she doesn’t know how the reptile got into the unit.

She went to the typewriter, saw some object made of snakeskin in her window, and thought: “Who gave up washing such a thing?”

“I started to take out these ‘clothes’ and someone started to move in my hand. I screamed and saw a huge python”, says Emily.

Employees of the Society for the Protection of Animals, which a resident of Florida called, said that the animal crawled through the pipes. The officer said that in the same building, a neighbor previously reported hearing a sound similar to that of a snake crawling through the ventilation system.

“On the eve of the incident, a neighbor living below me came down to the reception and said:“ It sounds crazy, but I hear a hiss from the ventilation system”, Visnic said.

Specialists took out the snake and carried it out of the building.