A quantum pulse generator made from a diamond crystal

Australian physicists have created a diamond laser device that generates guaranteed random keys.

In order to link and encode information in critical industries such as banking, finance or defense, cryptographers and digital security experts use random number generators.

The peculiarity is that quantum processes are really random: this is guaranteed by the laws of physics. So information about the event appears literally at the moment of the event, not earlier.

Using the idea of ​​genuine randomness at the heart of quantum physics, Australian scientists at the Macquarie University Photonics Research Center have developed a diamond laser system in which each pulse of laser light generated has its own direction of polarization, determined by the quantum motion of carbon atoms in the diamond lattice.

The new development is faster than previous analogs since the randomness is generated by the laser itself. This makes the device easier and safer.

This is a completely new tool for creating quantum randomness. We hope that this type of device will provide end-users in areas such as encryption and quantum modeling with a new opportunity to simplify and improve technology.

Douglas Little, Doctor and Project Lead Investigator
The authors note that they can also change the degree of randomness in the laser. In the future, this will allow studying the transition from quantum randomness to classical determinism.

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