A protest against the quarantine was held in California

Many participants ignored the Governor’s calls for social distancing.

Hundreds of demonstrators gathered at the California Capitol, demanding that Governor Gavin Newsom relax strict restrictions on leaving the house, despite the Governor’s calls for restraint.

At least 100 cars circled the Capitol in Sacramento, honking continuously, while at least 200 demonstrators rallied with placards opposing the weeks-long quarantine that has paralyzed the economy. Many were without masks and crowded the sidewalks and streets, ignoring recommendations to minimize the spread of the virus.

“If you are going to protest, keep a physical distance,” Newsom urged. – The worst thing we can do is make decisions based on politics and frustration.”

Meanwhile, about two thousand people gathered in the Pennsylvania capital of Harrisburg on Monday, honking, shouting and joking about restrictions imposed in connection with the coronavirus. The rally was one of the largest actions in a growing nationwide movement against governors trying to find a balance between health and economic issues.

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