A powerful tidal turbine launched in the UK

A turbine was built in the UK that generates energy using water. The device can provide electricity to 2 thousand apartment buildings and does not harm the planet.

Orbital Marine Power has launched the most powerful tidal turbine in Europe. Once connected to the European Marine Energy Center off the Orkney Islands, the device can generate enough power to power 2,000 apartment buildings in the UK. It is one of the most powerful turbines in the world that uses tidal energy.

The construction of the project began in 2019. The new device was installed on the previous generation SR2000 tidal turbine from Orbital. The new model consists of a 235-meter superstructure connected to two other turbines that can be rotated 360 degrees. This feature will allow O2 to generate energy without having to move. In the future, O2 will be able to fit even larger blades, according to Orbital.

Engadget notes that the UK authorities have long planned to use the energy of the ocean. Back in 2015, a private company wanted to build the world’s first power plant on a tidal lagoon off the coast of the country. This project was rejected by the government at the design stage. Just a day before Orbital’s announcement, Scottish company Mocean Energy unveiled the Blue X, a device that generates energy using ebb and flow.

Researchers from Israel have previously achieved record efficiency in converting solar energy into fuel. Now they want to incorporate a mechanism similar to photosynthesis into the process to achieve even better results.

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