A possible deal with Germany on the “Nord stream-2” is called dangerous for Biden

The US President in Congress will be able to accuse of compliance with Russia, writes Der Spiegel.

The deal between Berlin and Washington on the “Nord stream-2” could pose a danger to US President Joe Biden, who can now be accused in Congress of being compliant with Russia. This is written on Wednesday by the publication Der Spiegel

“The agreement can return to the American president like a boomerang. It will obviously cause harsh criticism of Republicans in Congress, ” the article says. Der Spiegel noted that Republican Senator Ted Cruz has already announced his intention to block the appointment of candidates nominated by the administration for important posts because of disagreement with Biden’s policy towards Russia.

“Many Democrats in Congress are also critical of the pipeline, which complicates the situation for Biden. Now Biden will have to hear the accusations that Democrats have always made against Trump, namely that he is too compliant with Russia,” the article notes.

Biden hesitated until the last moment about how to deal with the “Nord stream-2” and eventually decided to meet Berlin halfway, not wanting to lose an important ally, Der Spiegel noted, calling the achievement of agreements with the United States on the project an important foreign policy success of Angela Merkel.

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