A police officer in the USA rammed a crowd of street racers

In the United States, a police officer rammed a crowd of street race participants in an SUV, which surrounded a patrol car and did not allow passage. One of them was run over by an officer trying to escape to safety, Fox News reported, citing police.

The incident, which was caught on eyewitness footage, took place Saturday night in Tacoma, Washington. Police received reports of street races that blocked an intersection in the city centre with about 100 spectators. When a police car arrived at the scene with its siren on, a crowd surrounded it; some began to beat on the body.

According to law enforcement officials, the policeman, “fearing for his safety, tried to reverse, but could not do it because of the crowd.” The driver eventually drove forward, and, as follows from the video on social networks, he rammed the standing people, knocking some of them onto the roadway. On one of the fallen, a heavy car drove its wheels.

Later, the policeman stopped at a safe place and called doctors. The victim was hospitalized; how doctors assess his condition is still unknown. Investigation of the incident has begun. The police officer will be suspended from service during the investigation.

Author: Sam Smith
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