A pig’s head and fake blood was found at Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s house in San Francisco

Unidentified persons covered with graffiti the house of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and threw a pig’s head, Fox News reported on Saturday.

This is her home in San Francisco, California, which she represents in Congress. Among the inscriptions on the garage door is the crossed-out amount “$ 2K” ($ 2,000 – such a one-time payment the Democrats propose to make for every American as assistance against the backdrop of a pandemic).

According to the local KRON4 TV channel, a pig’s head was thrown to the house, and artificial blood was spilt. The incident happened on Friday, the blood was washed, and the door was covered with black tape.

Earlier, Congress passed, and President Donald Trump signed a law to stimulate the economy for about $ 900 billion. The United States President still demanded that the Americans be paid not agreed $ 600 per person, but 2 thousand each. Democrats seized the opportunity and passed a bill in the House of Representatives.

However, Republicans refuse to vote on this issue separately, linking its consideration with other Trump demands unacceptable to Democrats. In turn, the Democrats accuse the Republicans of making deliberately unacceptable demands unrelated to taxpayer support.

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