A pigeon from the United States may be killed in Australia

Australian authorities may kill a sports pigeon from the United States that crossed the Pacific Ocean and ended up in the country due to fears of the quarantine service, the Associated Press reported.

Earlier, local media reported that a Melbourne suburb Kevin Selly-Bird resident found the pigeon on his site on December 26. The bird seemed tame to him, and the man decided to try to find her home. The Australian managed to find out that the pigeon was registered in the USA, where he was supposed to participate in pigeon races on October 29 but later disappeared.

Experts believe that the pigeon, which Selly-Bird named Joe in honour of the elected US President Joe Biden, could have crossed about 13 thousand kilometres to Australia by cargo ship.

The bird’s feat attracted the attention of the Australian media and the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service. According to the agency, the Australian said that the department representatives contacted him on Thursday and asked to catch the bird.

“They said that if (the pigeon) is from America, then they have concerns about diseases (which can be detected in birds),” said Sellie-Bird.

The man replied that the bird does not allow to come close to itself. According to him, the authorities are now considering the possibility of professional trapping.

In 2015, due to non-compliance with Australia’s laws on importing animals, the authorities of the country could euthanize Johnny Depp’s dogs, which the American actor took with him to the shooting.

The actor arrived to shoot the fifth part of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise in a private jet with his two Yorkshire terriers, Pistol and Boo. When authorities learned about the dogs, Depp received a warning that he needed to send the dogs to the United States within 50 hours.

Due to its unique fauna, Australia has strict laws on the entry of animals into the country. Animals are required to undergo a long quarantine; all things used to care for the animal are destroyed after quarantine.

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