A pastry shop in Geneva made a cake in honor of the US-Russia summit

The Geneva cafe-confectionery Christie’s Bakery made a cake in honor of the upcoming Russia-US summit, which will be held in Geneva on June 16, the correspondent reports.

“The Russia-US summit, which will be held in Geneva, is a historic event, important not only for Switzerland, the two participating countries but also for the whole world. And in honor of this, we decided to make a cake,” Olga Johnson, the owner of the Christie’s Bakery confectionery chain, told.

The cake is created in the format of a postcard, with the inscription Peace of cake, which can be translated as “a piece of cake,” and as “cake of peace.” Two flags are painted on the glaze, as well as the most recognizable symbols of the countries: a samovar, a matryoshka doll, a cupcake, and a glass of Coca-Cola.

“The idea of our cake is to combine Russian and American cultures, as we have an international confectionery. And this cake embodies our concept. On the one hand, it is a honey cake, a traditional Slavic, Russian cake. And on the other hand, it’s red velvet, which is more known as American cake,” Johnson said.

Several cakes that were baked in a pastry shop can be purchased directly in the cafe or ordered with home delivery.

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