A Pastor shot dead in Texas church

A pastor of a church in eastern Texas was killed, two people were injured in the gunfire, and the attacker was detained, local officials said.

According to HLTV, local police said the shooting took place on Sunday at a Methodist church near Winona. According to Sheriff Larry Smith, it all happened when the pastor and his wife and several other people came to church. When the priest opened the door to the church’s toilet, he saw that a man was hiding there. This man was on the wanted list after an earlier shootout. The wanted man drew the pastor’s weapon and then shot him. Also, two people were injured.

The attacker escaped from the scene of the crime in a car, the police set up a chase and eventually detained him. During the arrest, the offender was wounded in the arm; now, he is hospitalized. The attacker also stole money collected by the church, according to a police spokesman.

An investigation is underway into the death penalty,” the sheriff said at a briefing.

State Gov. Greg Abbott expressed his condolences and promised that Texas would “seek a speedy trial” against the gunman.

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