A new test for coronavirus will test immediately 180 thousand people

A new test for coronavirus will allow you to check immediately 180 thousand people. The platform provides data for 6 hours – this will help to respond more quickly to the number of infected.

In the United States introduced a new test for coronavirus, which allows you to quickly test several hundred thousand people in just 6 hours. The system is ready to provide 180 thousand samples over the next 90 days.

The FDA noted that the OU Medicine laboratory has the right to create its own diagnostic tests for coronavirus due to a new set of rules that were published specifically during the pandemic.

“Rapid testing for COVID-19 will not only accelerate the treatment of patients with a positive result but also allow health workers to regularly undergo testing to ensure their safety and the safety of everyone with whom they come in contact,” the researchers noted. “Advanced testing will allow more patients to access specialized healthcare”.

The testing platform produces an average of 6 hours. This will speed up the treatment of patients with a positive test result. Health officials can quickly track the spread of coronavirus in the United States.

Rapid testing will be critical to tracking and determining the number of people exposed to an infected person, the researchers note. OU Medicine will continue to produce tests until the number of infected people in the country becomes minimal. This will help the state determine when and how US residents will be able to start returning to work after the peak of the pandemic.

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