A new species of dinosaur has been discovered, named as the main predator of Patagonia

In their work, the authors described a new species of dinosaur, which was probably one of the most ferocious predators.

The fearsome dinosaur, or Llucalcan, according to the authors, “was probably one of the main predators” throughout Patagonia, now Argentina, during the late Cretaceous period.

In length, it could reach 5 meters, had extremely powerful jaws, sharp teeth, huge claws on its feet and a special sense of smell.

The authors describe that the new species had a strange short skull with rough bones, so in life its head had bulges and protrusions, like some modern reptiles. The structure of his skull suggests that he looked like modern crocodiles.

He walked on hind legs with huge claws that they may have used to stab their prey, Llukalkan possessed extremely powerful bites and very sharp teeth to rip apart his prey, moving quickly thanks to his powerful hind legs.

The discovered species belongs to the family Abelisauridae, which reached a length of 5 to 9 meters. They lived in Patagonia and other areas of the ancient southern subcontinent of Gondwana – today Africa, India, Antarctica, Australia and South America.

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