A new species of carnivorous plants has been discovered: it kills victims with sticky juice

Botanists have discovered a previously unknown species of carnivorous plants in Canada.

Botanists from the University of Washington (UW) have discovered a previously unknown species of carnivorous plants from the genus Triantha occidentalis in the forests of Canada.

False golden flowers are herbaceous plants that are commonly found in the mountainous and northern forests of North America.

In order to test whether the plant is really carnivorous, the authors of the new work raised several hundred fruit flies with unusually high numbers of atoms of the so-called heavy nitrogen-15, and tried to feed them to several bushes of Triantha occidentalis: scientists put the flies on the stem of the plant.

As a result, nitrogen-15 began to accumulate in plant cells. Thus, this species feeds and receives about 60% of the nitrogen contained in its shoots and leaves.

A unique feature of this carnivorous plant is that its traps are very close to the inflorescences. Such a neighborhood, at first glance, should interfere with the normal pollination of flowers of this representative of the flora, but our observations have shown that the false golden flower is able to distinguish between food and friends.

Lin Qianshi, Research Fellow, University of British Columbia

On the stem of the plant, the authors of the work found red drops, they contained enzymes that could dissolve the tissues of the body of insects. However, no pollinating insects were caught in these traps. Apparently, the authors believe, the traps are specially designed for small invertebrates.

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