A new mysterious monolith has been discovered on the British Isle of Wight

According to Sky News, a mysterious monolith appeared in the UK on the Isle of Wight, previously similar objects were found in the United States and Romania.

The British monolith was found by resident Tom Dunford when he walked his dog with his girlfriend on Sunday morning. On the popular Compton beach, he found a mysterious monolith with a mirror-reflecting surface. He told the TV channel about this.

“I know all these stories about monoliths that have been reported recently, so I immediately recognized it (monolith). The person who put it there knows what he is doing. It (the monolith) really reflects light. I don’t believe in conspiracy theories,” a resident told the channel.

The monolith, he said, is about three meters (10 feet) high. It is not yet known who installed it.

The discovery caused a stir on the island. During the day, more and more residents approached the monolith. According to Dunford, about half an hour later, about ten people were gathered around the monolith, walking their dogs when they returned to the beach.

This is the fourth monolith discovered.

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