A new mutation of coronavirus revealed in South Africa

Geneticists in South Africa have discovered a new coronavirus mutation for the country, prevailing during the second wave of the spread of the disease, the state health ministry said.

A variant of the virus, named 501.V2, spreads faster than previously recorded mutations. In addition, according to the South African Ministry of Health, 501.V2 leads to more frequent, compared with the first wave, severe COVID-19 among young people without underlying medical conditions.

It is noted that before the fixation of the new mutation in South Africa, it was reported in several other countries, including the UK and Australia.

The Minister of Health of the Republic of South Africa Zveli Mhize said that despite the fact that the new type of coronavirus causes some concern, there is no reason for the population to panic at the moment. He recalled the need to wear masks and gloves, as well as to comply with other rules introduced due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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