A new COVID-19 strain is discovered in Brazil

In the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro, a new strain of coronavirus was discovered. This is a mutation in 38 out of 180 genomes, according to the newspaper Globo.

As in the new British strain, almost all samples in Rio de Janeiro have the E484K mutation in the S-protein.

According to journalists, the new strain was recorded in July, then traces of it were found in different cities of Rio de Janeiro. So far, experts see no reason to believe that the new strain is more aggressive or multiplies faster. There is also no evidence that a new variety of COVID-19 reduces the world’s known anticancer vaccines’ effectiveness.

“We have no confirmation that this mutation poses an increased danger. But this indicates the intensive circulation of the virus throughout the state, as well as how important social distancing measures and surveillance are,” the scientists noted.

In Brazil, the spread of COVID-19 began on February 26. The country is currently in third place after the United States and India in terms of the number of infected (7,318,821 people).

A mutated strain of coronavirus was discovered on December 14 in the UK, after which several countries suspended flights with the United Kingdom. Later, this strain was also identified in Denmark, the Netherlands, Italy and Australia.

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