A model of magnetic fusion in the largest thermonuclear tokamak ITER published

Researchers at the National University of Distance Education (UNED) have developed E-lite, a detailed and realistic model of magnetic synthesis in the ITER tokamak.

Tokamaks, devices that use magnetic fields to confine plasma in a toroidal chamber. They will play a decisive role in the development of highly efficient fusion reactors. The ITER tokamak is to become the largest nuclear tokamak in the world.

Due to computational constraints that existed a couple of decades ago, scientists worked with partial models of the ITER tokamak. However, since then the technique has become more powerful, and the computational codes that we use have also undergone changes, some of which have been included in TECF3IR.

Rafael Juarez, one of the researchers

The development of powerful computers and codes has made it possible to create more realistic and complex tokamak models. Therefore, over the past few years, researchers around the world have presented a number of new incomplete models that will be used for nuclear analysis.

As an alternative, simplified models and complete models were considered, depending on the application. However, none of them gave a complete, detailed picture of the tokamak: its safety and quality of work.

The new MCNP model is largely based on previously developed incomplete models, including the so-called C-model. The new model is designed as a block construction with modular parts.

To develop it, the researchers unrolled the block structure of the previously developed C-model in seven copies. They subsequently tweaked and revised the model to make sure it also takes into account some of the machine’s asymmetries.

The authors of the work proved that it is possible to create a complete heterogeneous MCNP model of the ITER tokamak at the present time: it can perform actual calculations. In addition, they have shown that it will be significantly more reliable and accurate than partial models.

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