A meteorite fell on an Indonesian house. Its owner became a millionaire

A meteorite fell on the house of a resident of Indonesia. Later it turned out that the celestial body consists of very expensive space material, which made the owner of the house a dollar millionaire.

A resident of Indonesia became a millionaire after a meteorite fell on the roof of his house. 33-year-old Joshua Hutagalung, an undertaker from Sumatra, became much richer after he sold a meteorite for more than $ 1.3 million. Jesus Hutagalung noted that he was working on the site of his home when the 2.1 kg space object crashed on the tin roof on his veranda.

“The sound was so loud that the whole house was shaking. And after searching, I saw that even the roof of the house was broken. When I picked up the meteorite, it was still warm, ”said the owner of the house.

According to the Independent, this meteorite is a carbonaceous chondrite, estimated at 4.5 billion years old. According to media reports, it costs $ 853 per gram.

For a meteorite that unexpectedly fell from the sky, the man received an amount equivalent to the undertaker’s 30-year earnings. He plans to spend part of the proceeds from the sale on building the church. “I also always dreamed of a daughter. I hope this is a sign that soon I will be lucky enough to have a daughter, ”he said.

Earlier, extraterrestrial organic compounds and ancient minerals were found in a meteorite that fell on the United States two years ago. An article describing the work of scientists was published by the scientific journal Meteoritics & Planetary Science.

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