A man has been arrested on suspicion of setting fire to a forest in California

According to rescuers, people cause most of the wildfires in the state. In combination with the abnormal California drought, this leads to large-scale disasters.

California’s wildfire season has started earlier than usual this year, rescuers say. Forests in the state have already burned about two thousand times in 2021. Moreover, this is although the hottest time is still ahead, some areas of Los Angeles are already saturated with the smell of burning and covered with ash.

For several days now, Sam and his pets have been sitting on their suitcases.

“We were notified that we should be ready for a possible evacuation. The smell of smoke is all around, and the ashes are flying at us,” says Sam Nizhad.

Nevertheless, Tam had to run literally away from the fire. With trembling hands, she shows footage of the fire around her home, which she managed to film before having to evacuate.

“These are the shots I took standing in my front yard,” Tam says.

The fire in the Pacific Palisade area broke out last Friday. While rescuers were fighting with one fire, a new one appeared nearby. As a result, more than a thousand people were in the evacuation zone.

“We usually don’t have fires of this magnitude in May. Obviously, wildfires are now a year-round challenge, not a seasonal one,” Los Angeles Fire Chief said.

Hundreds of hectares of forest are burning for the fifth day.

Says Eric Garcetti, mayor of Los Angeles: “The area where firefighters are fighting the fire is quite difficult, there have been no fires here for 75 years, and some bushes have grown to a height of up to ten meters during this time.”

Almost immediately, the guards reported that the cause of the fire was arson. In the network, residents began to distribute a photo of a person suspected of a crime. The person in the photo was eventually detained, but it turned out that someone had mixed up the photos, and the arrested man had nothing to do with the incident. They apologized to him and let him go.

A few hours later, another man was arrested on suspicion of arson. At the time of his arrest, he was in the hospital with poisoning caused by acrid smoke. The man is now in custody. Sources of the newspaper “Elay Times” claimed that the detained man is homeless, who deliberately decided to set fire to the area where many rich and famous residents of Los Angeles live in their expensive homes. Later, the police confirmed that the person who committed the arson was a person with no fixed place of residence. The motives of the crime are being established. And the locals are perplexed.

“This is arson and, sadly, someone is doing this, putting our lives at risk,” says Zoe, who lives in the Pacific Palisade area. According to rescuers, most of the wildfires in California, as a rule, happen through the fault of people: this is arson and careless handling of fire. All this, combined with the abnormal California drought, leads to such large-scale fires. Now, rescuers managed to bring the fire under control.

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