A layer has appeared in Google Maps that shows the number of people infected with coronavirus

A new layer will appear in Google Maps that will allow users to see the number of people infected with coronavirus in a specific area. The update will work in 220 countries and territories.

Google has announced an update to the Maps service – there will be a special layer that will help users see the number of infections in a specific area. The researchers explained that Google Maps users can turn on the feature and see a color map based on the number of cases per 100,000 people. There will also be labels indicating the increase or decrease in numbers over the past 7 days.

The data will be available for all 220 countries supported by Google Maps. Where possible, the data will be refined down to the level of city districts, but in some cases, the figures will be combined for several localities.

Coronavirus google map

Google noted that the data comes from several sources, including Johns Hopkins University, The New York Times, and Wikipedia, which receive information from local and intergovernmental organizations. These are the same sources from which Google gets COVID-19 data on its search results pages.

Google Maps has already updated the service for Android and iOS, but all users will have it within a few days. The company is also promising a few more coronavirus-related updates.