A large fire broke out in the port of Beirut

On the territory of the port of Beirut, an intense fire broke out; a column of thick black smoke can be seen three kilometers from the Harbor.

Initially, Lebanese media reported that the fire started at the site of one of the hangars on the territory of duty-free, and the Director-General of the Lebanese Red Cross told OTV that the thick black smoke was the result of arson of garbage.

Fire departments and military personnel arrived at the scene.

Later, the Lebanese army said that the fire broke out in a warehouse with auto oils and tires on the territory of the customs-free zone.

“Fire crews are working on the site, and army helicopters are helping them,” the report said.

Later, the Secretary-General of the Red Cross said that there were no dead or seriously injured as a result of the fire. According to him, one person swallowed smoke, but his condition does not inspire concern.

Police and the army blocked the Northern exit from the city, as a section of this highway passes close to the fire.

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