A judge in the United States supported the congressmen’s request for financial reports of Trump

A Federal judge of the United States supported the requirement of congressmen to the accounting firm Mazars on the granting of tax declarations of the President of Donald Trump. Judge Amit Maita ruled that they had acted in accordance with “legally valid legislative objectives.”

“The court should not doubt that the Committee’s actions are indeed motivated by political considerations,” the AP cites judge’s ruling. The judge also rejected Mr. Trump’s motion to delay the entry into force of the decision to appeal, as “the President is subject to the same legal standard as any other plaintiff.”

Donald Trump’s lawyers intend to appeal the decision.

In April, Mr. Trump filed a lawsuit in the district court of Washington against the Chairman of the Oversight Committee of the US Congress Elijah Cummings and the audit company Mazars USA to prevent the disclosure of its financial statements. A week earlier, Mr. Cummings wrote out the appropriate agenda Mazars, which is required to disclose all data on the finances of the current President of the United States over the past eight years. In particular, Congress is interested in the financial statements of trump himself, Trump Organization, his charitable organization and all other legal entities associated with Donald Trump.

Author: Flyn Braun
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