A jet of plasma and quartz glass polished the diamond to the nearest atom

Scientists from Japan were able to polish a diamond to an atom using a jet of plasma and quartz glass.

Plasma polishing is ideal for single crystal diamonds. Plasma activates carbon atoms on the surface of the crystal without destroying its structure, so that all roughness can be removed from the surface with a quartz glass plate.

Nian Lu, author and physicist from Osaka University in Japan

Note that today scientists are able to grow artificial diamonds of various sizes. It is planned that the minerals can be used in quantum devices and other electronics.

However, there is a problem: the growth of diamonds is not fully managed. Because of this, defects form on the minerals, because of them, their mechanical properties deteriorate.

A group of scientists decided to try to correct defects on diamonds by treating them with a plasma stream and polishing with quartz glass. Thanks to this, the scientists reduced the average height of defects on the surface of flat diamond plates from 0.66 microns to 0.4 nm.

Cut diamonds can now be used for any task that requires perfectly polished gemstones. For example, when creating cooling systems for nanoelectronics, as well as components of quantum computers or conventional transistors.

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