A hospital ship with 1,000 beds arrived in New York

The hospital ship, designed for 1000 beds, arrived at the 90th pier of Manhattan from the Hudson River.

The Comfort ship, which is three football fields long, can accommodate 1,000 beds, is equipped with 12 operating rooms, and is equipped with intensive care equipment.
It is assumed that the ship will bring patients who are not infected with the coronavirus, to relieve the hospitals of New York state.

New York is currently at the epicenter of the epidemic in the United States. The authorities are hastily preparing for the peak of the epidemic, which will come, according to estimates, in 3 weeks.

Engineering troops have arrived in New York state to erect additional hospitals, as authorities fear that hospitals will not cope with the influx of patients. One of the treatment centers will also be the Jacob Javits Expocenter, equipped by the military as a hospital. It opens today.

Author: Flyn Braun
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