A homeless man who entered Depp’s house drunk his alcohol and took a shower

A homeless man made his way to Johnny Depp’s house in Los Angeles and quickly got used to it, having time not only to please himself with a drink from the actor’s stocks but also to take a shower. To drive out the intruder, the police had to knock down the door, writes TMZ.

The actor’s neighbour was the first to report a meeting with a stranger to the police: he found a homeless man in his backyard, next to the pool. Noticing the site owner, he climbed over the fence, finding himself in the territory belonging to Depp.

Soon the police received a second appeal from the Hollywood star’s security personnel. Arriving at the scene, the officers found the intruder taking a shower. The man refused to stop the water procedures, and the police officers had to knock down the door.

It is noted that the man also found alcohol in the house and got drunk. According to the newspaper, he was prosecuted for vandalism and a damaged door.

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