A hanging loop was fount in the Black NASCAR Racer’s pits

The press service of the American racing series NASCAR issued a statement in which it said that before the race in Alabama, unknown people threw a hanging loop into the pits of the Richard Petty Motorsports black pilot Bubba Wallace.

A similar gesture is considered racism in the United States due to associations with the Lynch court.

“We are angry and outraged by this disgusting act. The NASCAR series immediately launched an investigation and will do everything to establish this person and exclude him from the sport. NASCAR has no place for racism, ”the statement quoted by NBC Sports said.

“Today’s disgusting act of racism and hatred has extremely upset me and has become a painful reminder that we as a society have a long way to go,” Wallace commented on the incident.

The race in Alabama was supposed to take place on June 21 but was delayed due to rain.

Author: Sam Smith
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