A group of migrants on the border of Mexico with the United States went on hunger strike

One of the protesters Claudio Miranda said that migrants require Washington to speed up the process of granting political asylum.
At least 10 women in a migrant camp in Tijuana, on the border with the United States, have gone on a hunger strike demanding to speed up the process of granting them asylum in the United States. This was reported on Thursday by Agence France-Presse.
Taking into account the fact that no one hears us [demands for asylum in the US], we decided to go on hunger strike,” said Claudia Miranda, participating in the action. She suggested that other migrants would soon follow suit.
“From the bottom of our hearts, on behalf of women’s movements from different countries of Central America we ask the United States , to accelerate the process of granting political asylum [in the United States]… We are not criminals, ” Miranda said on behalf of a group of refugees participating in the action. She reported that migrants were also seeking humanitarian visas from the Mexican authorities in order to be able to work in the country.
According to official data, in the areas of the cities Mexicali and Tijuana in the state of Northern Baja California are more than 7 thousand people from Central America. Earlier, the Mexican authorities said that a significant part of the migrants who arrived to the US-Mexican border in the coming months will remain in the territory of the Latin American country due to the slow work of officials in the US, considering asylum applications.
Meanwhile, the current situation around migrants on the Mexican-American border worries human rights activists and doctors. The weather in the North of Mexico is getting worse every day, which leads to respiratory diseases among migrants. The human rights organization Amnesty International has published a report, which refers to the unsanitary conditions in the camps for immigrants from Central America, as well as the lack of water and food in them.

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